If you are a photographer, you will know the basics of taking good product photos. But for you to take unique product photography, you need to know some tips and tricks that normal photographers doesn’t.

The main rule in taking unique product photos is no rule. For you to take unique photography, you need to step out of the box and break the rules. If you are ready to break the rule and take unique product photography, read on.

  1. Show the product in unusual use. As I said, you need to break the rules. Try to take the product in unusual use and see what magic you would create. So how can you do this? Get the product; grab a piece of paper and a pen. Then write down every use of the product. You can start with writing normal use of the product, and then move further to writing a more unusual use of the product. After you have done that, you can look over your list and circle the ones that would be very fitting for a unique product shoot.

  1. Shoot from strange angles. Normally, photographers shoot the product at eye-level. However, you might want to try something new by shooting from odd angles. Although, you have to be very careful of shooting from strange angles. Because shooting from unusual angles can distort a product.

  1. Use photo manipulation. Using photo manipulation is also a very good way to shoot product photos. However, you need some skills to manipulate photos. If you don’t have any skills to manipulate photos, you need to hire a graphic design artist to help you with the photo manipulation. You can also use this opportunity to learn Photoshop so you can manipulate photos to create awesome product photos.

  1. Use an interesting background. Most photographers stick to the rule of using a plain background for their product photographs. However, like I said, “the rule of taking unique product photos is no rule.” For you to take unique product photos is to get creative. Instead of using the usual plain background, you can use unique backgrounds. Using unique backgrounds can add interest and improve the uniqueness of the product.

  1. Use unique stands. Using unique stands is a great way to add a nice appeal to a photo. Instead of using the normal stand, you can get creative by using unique stands. You can use an old box, a hand, a belly, etc.