With the rapid expansion of the online space, many professionals are rushing to build out their websites and earn decent passive income. Photographers are no exception. Many professional photographers have created fabulous photography websites and are making a kill off them right now. However, just going online and creating a photography website does not guarantee success. There are certain steps you need to take to build out a successful photography website. Here is a comprehensive outline:

   Choose a Genre of Photography You Have Affinity with When Creating a Website to List Your Images for Commercial Use

Selecting a genre, you have an affinity with is key to creating a successful photography website. Make a point to outline the niche you’re dealing in, plus your location to allow prospective customers to find you with ease. This way, searchers will be able to find you through search engines easily.

   Your personality should align with those of your target customers to create one of the most successful photography websites

When prospective customers search out for a photographer, they tend to gravitate towards websites that align with their personality and style. So as much as you should concentrate on listing high-quality images, demonstrate your personality through your website’s tone. You can achieve this through your website’s ‘’about me page’’ or blog. You can also create a video to give your site visitors a sneak peak of yourself.

   Simplicity is key to creating successful photography websites

The newest websites offer numerous possibilities for creativity when looking to design your website. Visitors want a page that’s user-friendly (easy to navigate). The features (menu, about us page, blog) on your photography website should be easy to find. The idea is to create a website that allows clients to initiate 2 clicks (at most) to find what they are looking for.

   Select the best photos for your photography website’s portfolio

Customers these days are looking for nothing short of high quality. So make sure you choose your best photos for your image portfolio. Clients tend to check out your image portfolio before sliding down to search for images to buy.

   Your photography website’s image gallery must be easy to update

Customers get pissed off when they visit your photography website over time and find zero changes. They might even think you’re not in business anymore. Your website should be updated regularly with the latest style of images if you want customers to keep coming for more.

   Include your contact info in your photography websites

Contact info allows prospective clients to contact you directly. This is good to nail down the customers for good and enhance sales. So ensure your contact info encompasses simple labels that everyone can comprehend. On top of the contact form, incorporate your email or phone number where visitors can get in touch with you in real time.