Photojournalists play a significant role in society. They capture images from happenings of the daily life, edit and display them to narrate a story for the population.  Like any profession, a photojournalist should harness as much income as possible from his artistry and talent. This is because it’s challenging for a photojournalist to find an entity that rewards their expertize and creativity to the fullest. However, with advances in technology, website builders have been able to present an opportunity for photojournalists to create their photography websites with free and paid website designs to enable them to make money on the side. When selecting a photography website design, a photojournalist should put the following factors into perspective:

Choose an easy to use photography website design for your photography websites

A photojournalist barely has time to build out a custom website when looking to create a photography website. They spend most of their time in the field capturing images to update their websites. So they rely on photography websites design templates to create scintillating photography websites. Not only that but also they choose a photography website design template that is easy and quick to implement.

The chosen photography website’s design template should allow for seamless editing

For any website to stay current and elicit engagement, it must be updated regularly, if not daily. This is why a photojournalist must choose a photography website design that can be edited time after time. The website design should also be able to be upgraded when needed. Ease of upgrading allows the photojournalist to add more images and videos when their photography website blossoms.

The chosen photography website design should not require technical know-how and support

The newest website designs come with a whole lot of user-friendly features such as the ability to tweak and finesse them without any technical knowledge or support. This is advantageous to photojournalists, as they can build out their photography websites by only a few clicks of the mouse. Today, it has become easier than ever for a photojournalist to create photo galleries for their photography website in minutes. They can quickly take advantage of pre-designed website page features such as social media links, contact us form, images, videos and so on. All a photojournalist needs to do is click and edit the website pages according to their taste.


Photojournalists don’t have to spend a ton of money to set up their photography websites. Some of these photography website design templates are free. If they want to take their photography website templates up a notch or two, they can choose premium designs, which don’t cost much.

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