There are a plethora of photography websites you can source free stock photos for your website. The huge array of free stock photos can be overwhelming to sort, compare, and vet. Most of these photos tend to glitter by the look, and while lots of images found on photography websites are intended for all purpose use, most do not merit the purpose for which they were taken. They also fall short with regards to the authentic emotional appeal.

This can present challenges, more so if the free stock photos were intended to exemplify and epitomize your business and be utilized for marketing and branding efforts. Also, keep in mind that in your search for free stock photos for your website, you’re likely to select a photo that has already been used by your competitor. So what actions can you take to ensure such a scenario doesn’t occur and that you choose an image that befits your website? The surefire technique is to utilize useful and effective techniques. Here is a rundown of the specific considerations before choosing free stock photos for your website:

  1. Quality and size of free stock photos

The foremost considerations when searching out free stock photos for your website are quality and size. The selection of the size of the image hinges on your website. With that in mind, Always go for large images. Business dynamics are changing every day. You have no idea when you’ll need to adjust the size of the photo to conform to the immediate needs or repurpose it for other activities. To modify or repurpose a photo conveniently, you’ll require a top quality and large sized photo. Small images present challenges when looking to adjust or repurpose them. The good thing is that most photography websites have addressed this issue and offer the ability to download various photo sizes. It’s a good idea to save photos in the largest form after download.

2. Choose free stock photos that evoke emotion

It’s a commonplace to see a lot of people choose a stock photo simply because it’s elegant. Selecting stock photos that are elegant, but lack purpose can negatively impact your business. Choose stock photos that evoke a customer’s emotion. They shouldn’t just be chosen as filler content for your website. Determine the theme of your business website and choose a stock photo based on that theme. Without sparking emotion, your customers might not be interested in your products and services.

3. Limitations for using free stock photos

Many bottlenecks could prevent you from using stock photos, including budget limitations, corporate branding guidelines, and issues with licensing. If these restrictions come on your way, suffice to utilize illustrations and vector graphics. Illustration and vector graphics enable you to create the feel and look you are aiming for easily. If you’re creating the illustrations yourself, you benefit from more creative freedom. However, your photos should still be top quality, large sized and evoke emotions.

4. Consider cultural conveniences when choosing your free stock photos

The stock photo you choose can make or break your business. For example, if you use a free stock photo that is not culturally appropriate, chances of turning off people of that culture are high. An appropriate cultural photo takes many forms. It’s your duty to research whether or not the free stock photo you choose is culturally accepted. For instance, if your business targets international customers, it would be appropriate to choose a free stock photo that aligns with every international culture.

From the above highlights, it’s easy to see that selection of free stock photos for your website goes beyond elegance. The whole process should combine elegance, emotion, and alignment with your brand theme. Start selecting your free photos with this link!




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